Introduction on LIT
LIT 2014: Future of Learning brings practitioners in the e-learning field to you for a unique interactive experience. On January 15th 2014, we are providing you and your colleagues with these opportunities to meet and learn with the learning experts together in one location. Hear from them first-hand on various topics related to e-Learning and Innovative tools for blended learning within your industry and organization. In this one-day seminar, you will also receive valuable insight from our valued speakers on how certain online pedagogy and ICT tools can be successfully deployed in your teaching and learning.

History of LIT
The idea behind Learning Innovation Talks LIT is to organize 2-3 events per year, whereby educators can get together to share their learning and teaching innovations with one another in a more informal, relaxed, learning enriched, and innovative manner compared to traditional conferences and seminars.

There is no fixed format, and it is up to the organizer to explore and innovate how sharing and learning should take place. The first two LIT events were held at University of Malaya (7 March, 2012), Taylor's University (20 November 2012), and IMU (22 May 2013).

The 4th LIT is organized by CLIEx Unitar International Universityand is scheduled to happen on Jan 15, 2014.